PDW 19: 11-07-2021

“HC contamination assessment in soil By Mr. A. Sivakumar"

PDW 18: 20-06-2021

“LNG - Future Energy -By Dr.V Sriram-Safety Consultant"

PDW 17: 16-05-2021

“In door air Monitoring By Dr S. Sankar, EHE, SRIHER"

PDW 16: 14-04-2021

“Human side of Safety in Construction Industry By Mr. S.Selvaganapathy."

PDW 15: 17-01-2021

“Role of Motivation for enhanced Safety Performance By Wg.Cdr. Rakesh Prashar, Certified Corporate Trainer

PDW 14: 03-01-2021

“Role of Safety Engineers in the Days to come By Mr. G Vaidyanathan, DD, DGFASLI (Retd).


PDW 13: 20-12-2020

“Safety Management thro TPM (Safety Pillar) By Mr P. Natarajan, Sundaram Fasteners.

PDW 12: 29-11-2020

“Climate Change Mitigation By Mr. R. Rajmohan, Sr. General Manager, Dalmia Cements.

PDW 11: 01-11-2020

“Behaviour Based Safety By Mr. M R Rao, Director, Forum for Behaviour Based Safety, Dr.Harbans Lal Kaila, Director, Forum for Behavioural Safety and Mr. G.M.Sivaramakrishna Rao, Safety Consultant.

PDW 10: 18-10-2020

“Human Factors in Safety Management By Dr. R. Surianarayanan, Head & Sr. Principal Scientist, CISRA, CLRI, Chennai

PDW 9: 04-10-2020

"Occupational Safety & Health Working Conditions Code, 2020 By Mr. P. Manoharan, President SEA.

PDW 8: 20-09-2020

Discussion on improving safety performance at work place – 1) Role of Enforcement agencies by Mr. P. Janarthanam, Addl. Ch Inspector of Factories (Retd) – 2) Role of Managements by Dr. Sriram, CEO, Sriram Safety Management Services -3) Role of Safety Professionals by Mr. T.R. Murali

PDW 7: 06-09-2020

Offsite Emergency Mock Drill –Mr. S.K. Sethilvelan- Inspector of Factories, Puducherry.

PDW 6: on 16-8-2020

Best Safety Practices- presented by 4 SEA Members.

PDW 5: 02-08-2020

“Stress Management for Safety Officers” on by Mr. K. Santhanam, Ex. Com. Member, SEA.

PDW 4: 19-07-2020

Safety Requirements of Office Safety” on by Mr. M. Namasivayam, Ex. Com. Member, SEA.

PDW 3: 05-07-2020

“ Construction Safety” by Mr. S.M. Ravi, Secretary, SEA

PDW 2: 21-06-2020

“Tips for achieving excellence in Safety profession” by Mr. S. Ulaganathan, Vice President, SEA .

PDW 1: 07-06-2020

“Safety officers: Challenges & Opportunities” by Mr. P. Manoharan, President, SEA

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