Mr. V. Krishnamurthy, General Manager (Retd.), IFF Ltd., Chennai was the speaker on the occasion of 22nd Technical Meet held on 19th December 2009. His topic was on "Behaviour Based Safety System (BBS) � Safety Engineers� Sucessful Tool". He shared his practical experiences in implementing this result oriented safety system in a number of factories. The success of the system is mainly due to the proven results over different time periods, he informed. He informed quoting examples that the accident rates have dramatically come down in all the factories where BBS system was followed. It is possible mainly due to the participation of all stakeholders, management, staff, workers, contractors and trade unions. But, he cautioned that it takes some time to reap the benefit, as series of systematic steps are required to be carried out. The concept of Behaviour Based Safety System needs to be imparted to all levels of personnel. Selling this idea of a different work culture will be a real challenge and this can only be implemented with the blessings of Senior management. Therefore the first task in implementing the new system will be to first explain the methodology to the senior management personnel with adequate statistics and cost benefit analysis. Once they are convinced, a timetable can be drawn to train different groups of personnel with appropriate modules to suit the individual groups.


Dr. V.S. Ananthan, MBBS, DTCD, AIFH, Senior Pulmonologist & Occupational Disease Centre in Charge, ESIC Hospital, KK Nagar, Chennai was the speaker of the Twenty First Technical Meet programme held on 10th October 2009. His presentation included number of case studies that were reported to ESI hospital, Chennai. He pointed out that most of the cases were brought to the hospital only at advanced stages where the situations had already reached beyond recovery. Hence he emphasized that early detection of occupational diseases would help in curing the illness and also in working out preventive and control measures for the occupational diseases concerned.
All occupational diseases are preventable. Also it is important to detect the disease early and remove the person from the hazardous atmosphere so that we can check the progression of the disease.

20th Technical Meet

The 20th Technical Meet of SEA (India) was held on May 30, 2009. Mr. P. Raj Mohan, Head, EHS Department,Areva T&D (India) Ltd., Padappai, Chennai made a presentation on "Grass Root Projects & Safety Implementation". He narrated the difficulties faced by HSE Professionals in implementing systems and procedures in the development of any industry due to reasons like project activities by different contract companies in varying cultural backgrounds. He presented the efforts put in by the company towards inculcating discipline and bringing in a good safety culture among all the personnel working for the company. He also compared their established safe practices in comparison to other industry practices in general.Participants commended the presentation for its good learning value and congratulated Mr. Raj Mohan for achieving excellent results after sustained efforts.
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