calander 2009
SEA (India) � Joint Organiser of a National Seminar

SEA India joined hands with Directorate General Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes (DGFASLI), Ministry of Labour, GOI and Dept of Production Engineering, Govt. College of Technology, Coimbatore, in organizing a National Seminar on "Occupational Safety & Health in Textiles, Foundries and Engineering Industries" on 10th - 11th December 2009. The seminar was inaugurated by Mr S G Darvhekar, Director General, DGFASLI. Mr. R. Thiruvengadam, President, SEA (India) offered felicitations on the occasion. The seminar was well attended by large number of participants across the country and included topics such as: Occupational Safety & Health, Legal Provisions, Education & Training, Accident Prevention & Safety Promotion, Emergency planning, Risk management, Disaster management and Case studies. Mr. P.P. Janarthanam, Treasurer, represented SEA India in the organizing committee of the seminar.

Factory Visit to GMR Corporation, Chennai

A Factory Visit was organized to GMR Power Plant, Chennai on 25th July 2009. Fifteen SEA members participated. Mr. Sonney George, Fire & Safety Manager of GMR Power Corporation who is also a Member of SEA (India) coordinated the visit. Video presentations were made bout the factory and Safety & Environmental management systems were explained. The visitors were taken on a walkaround tour of the power generation plant, utilities and other auxiliary units and tankfarm area. During the feedback session, SEA members offered their safety observations & recommendations to GMR%s senior officials. Mr. Rakesh Kohli, General Manager (O&M) and Mr. Marappan, AGM (Materials) thanked SEA members for their useful observations and agreed to consider them towards improving their safety practices. Finally Mr. S. Ulaganathan, Jt. Secretary, SEA (I) proposed a formal vote of thanks to Mr. S. Ravishanker, Vice President, Mr. Sonney George, Fire & Safety Manager and other officials of GMR Power Corporation. Members who participated in the factory visit gave a positive feed back that some of the safety practices followed in GMR Power Corporation were good for consideration and requested SEA to organize more such factory visits, once a quarter.

Eight Anniversary of Sea(India)

The Eighth Anniversary function of SEA India was celebrated on June 27, 2009 at Hotel Radha Regent, Chennai.
Mr P Manoharan, Secretary, SEA India welcomed the invitees and participants. Mr. R Thiruvengadam, President, SEA (India) in his Presidential Address briefed on the services provided by SEA (India) to its members and to industry at large. Dr Kalpana Balakrishnan, Head, Department of Environmental Health Engineering at Sri Ramachandra University (SRU), Chennai emphasized the need for consultative approach and sharing of resources among the University and SEA (India) towards achieving better results in HSE Management. She added that SEA(India) and SRU have been jointly conducting NEBOSH - IGC course for the third year in succession which has benefitted many safety engineers to enhance their knowledge base and improve their qualification to find better jobs.
Chief Guest on the occasion Mr. S. Raghunathan, Chief Inspector of Factories, Govt. of Tamilnadu had appreciated the services provided by SEA (India) and congratulated the association on the occasion of the 8th Anniversary. He encouraged SEA(India) to offer suggestions in bringing out any amendments to safety regulations based on their experience and pool of knowledge. Dr. S. Maruthappa, Vice President, SEA (India), proposed vote of thanks. Large number of SEA members participated in the function.

Third Set of Contact Classes for NEBOSH Exams inaugurated

Third set of contact classes for two batches of students were held during 19th February 2009 to 1st March 2009. The contact classses were formally inaugurated by Dr. T.K. Parthsarathy, Pro Chancellor, Sri Ramachandra University on 19th February 2009. Dr. Kalpana Balakrishnan, Head, Environmental Engineering Department, Sri Ramachandra University offered felicitations. Mr. R. Thiruvengadam, President, SEA-India presided over the function. Earlier, Mr. R. Parameswaran, NEBOSH Course Co-ordinator extended a warm welcome to all and Mr. W.A. Balakumaran, Lead Tutor briefly explained the course methodology. Mr. P. Manoharan, Secretary, SEA-India proposed vote of thanks. Total of 38 students from both the batches were present along with officials from SEA-India and Sri Ramachandra University. You may be aware that SEA-India and Sri Ramachandra University are jointly conducting the International Certificate Course of NEBOSH, UK since year 2007, as an accredited body. First set of contact classes for 2 batches of students during Feb-March 2008 and second set of contact classes for another two batches during Aug-Sept. 2008 were held for the examinations conducted in March 2008 and September 2008 respectively.
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